Can't Wait!

This shall be my next hair style!! I can't wait til November! I'll have the same cut, just in jet black :)

It's Coraline! Not Caroline! Coraline!!!

Gosh I love Henry Selick, and this movie! One of my favs... super creepy :)

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New Beginnings

Its been a wonderful sophomore year so far! Its actually really hard to believe that I'm already in my second year of college... weird actually, haha. I'm probably the most excited about my decision to minor in French, I fell in love with the language my freshman year, and never stopped thinking about it; as a result, I decided to try my best to become fluent in the beautiful language. I really want to be able to go to a country that speaks French, and be able to comprehend and communicate with that would be wonderful, and a dream come true.
Anyways, I'm having a great labor day... having my on little mini Johnny Depp marathon (Cry Baby, 21 Jump Street). Goodness, I'd marry him in a heartbeat haha. I'm also doin a bit of hw here and there, I completed most of yesterday...o and I'm doin a smidge of laundry as well... which sucks because I live on the 3rd floor of the dormitory... and laundry is all the way in the basement.. o well.. its good exercise :)
Happy Labor Day my fellow bloggers!