It's Kinda Sad Really....

So, 2009 is coming to an end, and 2010 is arriving in it's place.
Who ever decided that a year was 365 days in length anyways? Yea I know that was random, but that 's exactly what I am, random.
Anyways, I've always loved new years resolutions, but I am horrible at keeping them! So this year... I'm keeping them short and simple:

doing things that I've only dreamed about, and just start making them happen!!!
campus food is just not gonna cut it anymore...
even if its just for a few days every week, at least it something!

With all that being said, Have a ABSOLUTELY, FANTASTICAL, WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!!!!

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Common Ground...

What do all of these magnificent captures have in common?
They all posses a wonderful sense of ambiguity; none of the faces of the girls in the pictures are revealed. I'm not sure why, but I've always loved photographs like the ones above. It leaves a certain sort of mystery to the picture. When I take pictures, I love capturing moments like these.... it makes my heart flutter!

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Back in Black

I luv painting my nails black :)
I used to wear every color under the sun, but somehow, even if I paint my nails a bright neon color, I always take it off after the first hour and slap on a couple coats of black nail enamel. It's detrimental to my wardrobe! lol

500 Days of Summer

I LOVED THIS MOVIE!!!! 10 stars!!!!


Although it was a wopping 2 hours and 45 minutes long, Avatar was AMAZING! The graphics had me in awe from the very first shot and I immediately bonded with the Avatar characters as the movie completed itself. Cameron did an AMAZING job of bringing the "Na'vi" people to life. Ah..... what more can I say? I can't wait to see it again!!!


Haha, don't I look so thoughtful!? Agh! I can't believe that Christmas came and went so darn fast! I had a lovely time with my fam. It was just the four of us, which is extremely rare because we're always having people over for the holidays. Well we we're kind of snowed in so we couldn't really have anyone over anyways... but I think it was for the better!
Anyways, I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and made tons of memories! I sure did!
p.s. I got a new Mac! Now I can blog much more!!!

Happy Holidays!!!!!!

Christmas Time Is Here....

I just got home, and it's wonderful! My momma's yummy pancakes and my dad's tasty omelettes in the mornin! I just love being at home from college. I know that this Christmas break will be a blast! But I have yet to do my Christmas shopping and Christmas day is three days away!!! AGH!

Setting all of that aside.... The fam and I are going to go see The Princess and the Frog tonight! I'm really excited and can't wait to watch it since it got so many good reviews!

Happy Holidays!

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Let Them Eat Cake...

She never actually said those words... but in the midst of bad PR... she was not spared the devistation of never amounting to enough...
Tonight I watched one of my favorite movies, Marie Antoinette. I've only seen in three times, and need to purchase the DVD to add to my collection, but it is one of the best! I love how magicallly light everything seems! It's so dreamlike, and is simply a place for me to escape.
O and I can't forget to mention the soundtrack! It's a must have for sure. Sophia blends punk glam with a modern classical twist quite wonderfully (I know weird combo but it works!).

Yumm! Coffee...

Don't all of these pics make you wanna take a quick trip to Starbucks to grab some coffee and just simply relax?
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Its Halloween...

So I thought I'd honor one of my all time favorite movies, Edward Scissorhands. Tim Burton does an excellent job of combining his dark sense of humour with a wonderful love story, I can watch this movie over and over again and never get tired of it.

What Am I Here For?

I'm a freshman in college, and quite frankly, have no clue what I'm doing. I'm getting good grades yes, but I still don't have a major yet. The need for freedom is knawing at my being. I wish I could just travel the world like I used to and snap pictures of people in their natural element, or sketch the beautiful scenery. Maybe even travel with my acoustic on my back and play for random people that walk by on the corner. All I know is, that being stuck in a cubicle for the rest of my life is not an option. I really miss traveling with my fam; they just returned from a 3 week tour oversees which included Greece, Russia, London, Norway...and tons of other places. Being in one spot for so long is killing me... I shouldn't complain though, recieving a college education is extremely important, I just had to vent!

Bright Star

"I almost wish we were butterflies and lived but three summer days. Three such days with you I could fill with more delight than fifty common years could ever contain"

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Words from the movie Bright Star

J'adore Paris!

Ahhh.... I love every single one of these snapshots...I can't wait to go one day, I know I'll make it there :)
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If Only I Could

A brand new baby was born yesterday,
Just in time
Papa cried, baby cried
Said, your tears are like mine
I heard some wordsfrom a friend on the phone,
didn't sound so good
The doctor gave him two weeks to live
I'd give him more if I could

You know that I would now
If only I could
You know that I would now
If only I could

Down the middle drops one more
grain of sand
They say that
new life makes losing life easier to understand
Words are kind
they help ease the mind
I miss my old friend
And though you gotta go
we'll keep a piece of your soul
One goes out
One comes in

You know that I would now
If only I could
You know that I would now
If only I could

-Jack Johnson

This post is dedicated to a very special friend that just lost her baby girl. I know that she is dancing with the angels :)

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All summer she scattered the daisy leaves; They only mocked her as they fell. She said: "The daisy but deceives; 'He loves me not,' 'he loves me will, 'One story no two daisies tell." Ah foolish heart, which waits and grieves under the daisy's mocking spell.
The Sign of the Daisy by Helen Hunt Jackson

Picture by me :)

The Catcher In The Rye

"Anyway, I keep picturing all these little kids playing some game in this big field of rye and all. Thousands of little kids, and nobody's around - nobody big, I mean - except me. And I'm standing on the edge of some crazy cliff. What I have to do, I have to catch everybody if they start to go over the cliff - I mean if they're running and they don't look where they're going I have to come out from somewhere and catch them. That's all I do all day. I'd just be the catcher in the rye and all. I know it's crazy, but that's the only thing I'd really like to be." ~J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye, Chapter 22, spoken by the character Holden Caulfield

This is how I imagine the field that Holden imagines... very gloomy, but somehow serene and calming at the same time. The Catcher in the Rye is one of my favorite books.

Picture by Phillip Klinger

A Little Fairy...

There is a garden in her eyes, where roses and white lilies flow.
-- Thomas Campion

Little girls dance their way into your heart, whirling on the tips of angel wings, scattering gold dust & kisses in our paths.
-- Author Unknown

Like star dust glistening on fairies' wings
Little girls dreams are of magical things.
-- Sherry Larson

Where shall we see a better daughter or a kinder sister or a truer friend.
-- Jane Austen
All pictures taken by Me =)

Aimless Dreams

I know that these pics don't really flow together like any normal person would like them to, hence the title. But these are how my dreams have been lately. I can't explain their meaning nor describe them to you in words spoken by mere humans. They simple inhabit my mind like they want to make a permanent home there. And I am perfectly fine with it. 
I think dreams are God's way of giving us a piece of heaven, a very special gift. 
 I love it.

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