RALPH WINTER JUST CAME TO OUR UNIVERSITY TO SPEAK!!!! He was so awesome! AND I got to shake his hand and say a few words to him!!! O SNAP!
He produced movies like Fantastic Four, all of the X-Men movies, and a slew of other films :) I was so star struck because Video/Cinema Production is my major! Gosh... I'm still trying to calm down! lol.. that's him below :)

I've been looking for some fun earthy jewelry, so I surfed Etsy for awhile and found this great designer Fatima (pictured first) and her awesome funky line of amazing earrings! All her stuff is handmade and super affordable, I can't wait to start purchasing some stuff from her!
isn't she gorgeous!? o and she's a Christian too :) How awesome is that! Click the link below to get more info on her gorgeous line:

Today I'm flyin up up and away... to go home for spring break! This is one of my fav music videos... so creative, and perfect for the plane ride lol.

All of these balloon pictures make me smile :) They bring back the smells of summer and the carefree feeling of being a child! I absolutely love it, and I can't wait to go home for spring break. I think I wanna fly a kite with my daddy like we used to when I was 7... good times :)

pics from weheartit.com

I absolutely ADORED Tim Burton's version of Alice in Wonderland. I had the privilege of seeing it in 3D and it was o so sweet. I didn't want it to end. It was like Burton's own little twisted version of Narnia. Epic, adventurous, humorous, and you learned a lesson after viewing it. Danny Elfman's score was GENIUS!!!!! UGH, what more can I say!? I LOVED THIS MOVIE! But I'm not surprised or anything, I knew that I'd love it. O and Johnny was lovely as always :) His mad hatter character was very well portrayed! GO SEE IT!

So I really do luv the veronicas' style :)

pics from lovetheveronicas.com

Can I please have Christina's house!? lol... it's based off of Alice in Wonderland!!!!! Love it!