new haircut :)

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Today is thursday, and what a beautiful thursday it is :)
I'm so thankful to be alive and breathing. Really though, I've got to stop complaining. It's beginning to become an extremely bad habit. God woke me up this morning, and I'm so thankful to have a wonderful family that loves me and appreciates me for who I am, and friends that support me and have my back through the thick and the thin. I am truly blessed
how CUTE is my fav model Chanel Iman!!?

Rihanna's fab zebra nails :)
a lil version of them i did myself :)

supah rad wallet!

Naomi is STILL gorgeous after all these years lol

Twisted Tuesdays :)

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My heart was a little heavy this weekend. So much stuff going on in my life right now it's crazy. However I skyped my lil sis yesterday and she made my whole day TEN times better. I love her so much, she's like a mini me, but more confident, funnier, and just plain lovable. She's only 12, and just told me that she's gonna be trying out for the part of Jasmine in an Aladdin play coming up here pretty soon. I'm super stoked for her, she loves being on stage. She's fearless, something that I'm extremely jealous of. Maybe one day I can sing in front of people too. That'd be nice. Anyways... above are some "lovely" pics of our sisterly love lol... we're so goofy sometimes .... o and here's a vid of us :)

So I was randomly watching An Extremely Goofy Movie yesterday, yes i kno its lame. But I just love the "beret girl" character... she plays the stereotypical beatnik of the coffee shop. She spits poetic wisdom and has a funky personality... I can dig it lol. I totally wish the beatnik scene would make its way back again. Dressed in all black, philosophically in tune, well-read, and just plain cool.

I remember watching this movie when I was little thinking that this was what college was all about, looking intelligent all of the time and sipping a nice hot cup of joe. I always wanted to be the "beatnik" of my friends, reciting poetry and pondering my thoughts 24-7 lol. But now I realize that college is so much more than that lol. However, I still love my coffee and 500 page books tee hee :)
Below (and above) is the sophisticated "Beret Girl" at the hip and happenin Bean Scene, which is a cool lil coffee shop that all of the college kids hang out at in the movie :) Can you dig it? lol

K so I'm really starting to get freaked out lol! Who sent me my lovely bag!!!?
Another edition of Twisted Tuesdays!
So i really don' t have much this time because this week has been a complete WHIRLWIND! And it's only tuesday! I've got four quizzes, two exams, 2 papers, and 2 books to finish, all in this week. its B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Here are a few things that are on my wishlist for my b-day! All are pretty expensive, so I'd only be asking for one thing from this list... most likely the zebra luggage since I travel so much :), but then again I'd really like a new guitar too!

1. lovely dress from free people
2. bamboo pen and touch pad set
3. canon sd7... i really need a smallie! lol
4. uber fun zebra luggage set!
5. a black yamaha acoustic :)
6. I still want this lovely bag from lol

O and I absolutely ADORE Kandee Johnson!!! this is my fav video of hers even though its not a make-up one which in what she normally does:

Gosh i really do dislike mondays lol.. so mundane and just long. I feel awful today and i know that I have so much to do this week. But I'm just gonna have to persevere! Yesterday I was feelin a little down about the whole relationship thing, but a talk with a friend made it ten times better... Anyways I should prob share with you what I did on Valentine's Day! Well 5 of my guy friends chose 10 of us single girls to cook dinner for, and cater for, and told us that we deserved to be treated better in life, and to be shown the love that we deserve I thought that was SO sweet. We had a lovely italian dinner and watched 50 First Dates :)

So I'll be 19 soon and I'm single. People are always in complete shock when I tell them this, but the truth is I've never felt like I've needed a man to complete me. I'm waiting for the right guy to come around, and I'm pretty sure that that's not gonna happen for another couple of years or so. I've never liked to consider dating as a hobby, and sure as heck consider it as one now even though I'm in college. I'm still enjoying the single life, sure I'd like to have a valentine on sunday cause it would be nice to go out, I'm not anti-boyfriend or anything, but for now, I'm satisfied :)
I can't wait for the day when I meet the man of my dreams, and know immediately that he's the one that I've been praying for.....

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So I'm gonna start a new thing called "Twisted Tuesdays...", it'll just be random pics from my week! Anything from personal pics to things that are inspiring me at the moment! So here it goes :)

Me, my roomie, and a few other dorm girls took a lovely road trip to cinni this weekend :)

I want a room like this... well my room is just like this at home lol... except there is no wood floor in my room. My friends are always like why don't you have a bed Pay? Why are you sleeping on a mattress? and I'm just like... cuz i'm cool like that lol.

O and I want this bag :) Its super roomy... and its a tad girly while still having a lil edge... I really like leopard print :)

And I just bought this Urban Decay, Alice in Wonderland makeup kit. LOVE IT!
And I've been listening to Johnny all week.. He always makes my day a little more exciting!

And last but not least... I sketched a tres chic gal because I was super bored today, and because sketching is super therapeutic.
and thats all for my first run of Twisted Tuesdays!