Run to Him

I want to tell you something that God just told me. Last night my dad was roping this calf. And this calf had been born from a really old cow, she didn't really have the greatest milk, *sniff*. She broke her back...and...this mornin I went out and put her down my self. I was talking to God and I was asking God why? She was special. And God said, "You know Logan, my Son was special, but He died for a purpose." Its kind of the same thing, that calf was close to me. And God's Son was close to Him. I just wanted to tell you guys that, that its so important. Just remember, when you lose a loved one or a pet, always remember that God gave His Son too, and He understands. He will always understand. He will always, just run to him.

-Logan, age 13

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