Time Goes By, So Slowly

So unfortunately, 2nd semester is going by EXTREMELY slow... but on the bright side, I absolutely LOVE all of my classes. Every single one f my professors are cool, and i'm super thankful for that. Throughout my whole school career I've been blessed to have cool teachers, so hopefully I can keep that tradition going throughout college as well :) I'm just going to try to take one day at a time and not even think about spring break until its like a week away lol. But I CAN'T WAIT to go to Miami, ugh... so warm. I need the warmness in my life right now. I really have an extreme craving to bust out some shorts and a tank top,
but i guess that'll have to wait until my b-day, which conveniently takes place during spring break!


the cat whisperer said...

Have you been to Florida before? I never have, but have friends there. One of them told me that every time he goes to the beach, he sees an old man who has super-tanned leather skin and wears a shiny thong, and always just strolls down the beach by his (my friend's) house. I've never been there, but that has always been very off-putting to me :) When's your birthday?

Patience said...

Bahaha, I have def seen the same man!! Except i was in Barbados! yes I've been to Flordia a few times, my whole fam used to go every year to disney world, (they still do but w/o me since i'm in college now)!
And my b-day is March 19!