I absolutely ADORED Tim Burton's version of Alice in Wonderland. I had the privilege of seeing it in 3D and it was o so sweet. I didn't want it to end. It was like Burton's own little twisted version of Narnia. Epic, adventurous, humorous, and you learned a lesson after viewing it. Danny Elfman's score was GENIUS!!!!! UGH, what more can I say!? I LOVED THIS MOVIE! But I'm not surprised or anything, I knew that I'd love it. O and Johnny was lovely as always :) His mad hatter character was very well portrayed! GO SEE IT!


joyus said...

planning to see the film soon with some mates - i cant wait it looks so brilliant - stop making me jealous!
ps i was in a alice in wanderland play once as the caterpillar! was the caterpillar any good??

Patience said...

the caterpillar was really good... it took some getting used to... because i was so used to the animated version but I loved it!!!!!!