Pamela Love

"Jewelry is totemic, talismanic. I shower with it, sleep with it, live with it. I never take mine off." -Pamela Love for Vogue

Ok so I am absolutely in love with the hip jewelry designer Pamela Love. Her morbid pieces are impossible to resist. I think she's absolutely gorgeous, and her pieces mimic her beauty. Pictured above are just a few pieces that I'm absolutely in love with. Unfortunately I can't afford them, so I searched for some alternatives and found exactly what I was looking for at urban outfitters! For some reason the picture of what I ordered won't upload, so just visit and then click on women's accessories! You'll find some awesome bird skull pieces.

pics from google images, collage compiled by moi :)


anon. said...

thanks for the urban outfitters tip, i have had similar trouble but recently found an exquisite bronze ring with antlers for h&m., never heard of pamela love before, she seems pretty grooovy :) i love the picture with the shoes.
with love

Patience said...

no prob! glad i could help :)

Betsey said...

oh, i really love this jewelry!! thanks for this post! :)