O where does the time go?

Filling out college applications while listening to Abbey Road and confirming the date for the beloved ACT. Everything seems to be speeding by way too fast. Watching my sister grow up (now 11) makes me feel some what old. By the time March rolls around ill be what's considered an official adult...WHO MADE THAT RULE!? Anyways, I think I'm ready to pursue my dreams, traveling round the world, writing about the stories that make people want to turn the page and keep them reading until they come to the last sentence and wished it had a sequel. Not only has writing been one of my life long passions, but so has music. I am struggling to find a way to make it work together. Good thing my parents have a handle on them both, I won't have any trouble looking for a job when I get out of college! But on a serious note, I pray that there is a way that I can take all of my dreams (writing, fashion, and music), and be able to do something useful with them all.I guess only time will tell.
Hopefully my feelings come across wit these pics I took today...a beautiful sunny day.

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