I closed my eyes and opened them...again.

Still, he did not appear. 

The doorway was empty, and it was obvious that he would not show today, or the next day.

I was lying there on the floor. I finally let my guard down and slipped into unconsciousness. 

In my dreams, he was there. Every single last memory that I had of him was played in black and white. 

But at the same time it was vibrant with technicolor.

 Instead of trying to figure out how this could be possible,

 I focused on his face. 

It seemed, it was,  perfect in my hallucination. Everything was the way it should've been, should be. 

He tried to whisper something to me. His eyes were calm, like he was relaxed and at peace with whatever it was that he was trying to tell me.

My eyes flickered open. My cheek was numb. I was laying unconscious on the cold hard floor. 

As my eyes adjusted to the sunshine, I made out shoes creating gaps of light in the threshold.

They were mens shoes. 

Words by Me, picture from

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