Little Fairy

I met a fairy today. 
She told me of my future.
"You will marry a handsome young prince,
and live in a castle far far away
And he will give you everything your heart desires."

"That's.... that's great." I answered. I twirled my finger around a lock of hair and looked down.

"But I want the boy that works in that coffee shop." I explained. "He doesn't have much but he has a cute crooked smile. I know that he'll love me unconditionally. He'll support my biggest dreams and wrap his arms around me while talking about them. He may not seem like much to you little fairy, but he's all I have."

The fairy leapt off my window seal and shrugged her shoulders. And while staying afloat she sighed "Suit yourself she said, its your future." She flew away just as fast as she had come. Though now her wings drooped a little bit, as if they were sad.

"No" I said, "It's destiny."

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