Victory for All!!!

Yes yes yes...I'm almost 20 years old, but I still watch Nickalodeon and the Disney channel from time to time, I mean who doesn't? Anyways if you've scanned the Nick channel lately, you've probably noticed it's newest show Victorious. It's so good AND funny! That's really rare in teen sitcoms lately, so I get excited when my little sister tunes into a show that we both think is worth watching while letting go of a few laughs along the way. The main gal, Victoria Justice, is so adorable, ok she's 17, so maybe I should say gorgeous lol. But she's just a likable, down to earth type of girl, seems like she would be very aproachable. I really like that in teen stars...I'm tired of the Miley's and the JoBros, I mean come on. As Teen Vogue's newest cover girl, Vicky proves that she's got it all figured out when it comes to her own personal style, and I'm in love with it.


I BLEED PINK said...

I am even older than u and that show cracks me up. I love the goofy red hair girl on the show.

hannah-rose said...

hey! i still watch disney as well, my guilty pleasure was the hilariously kitsch j.o.n.a.s.... you're never too old to watch those kinds of shows!

thanks for the comment!


Dee O. said...

lol, ain't no shame in watching nickelodeon! but i have never watched this show in particular, i may have to catch an episode now lol :) you have a very cute blog btw!

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Patience said...

thanks for yur comments ;) im glad im not the only one indulging in a bit of disney/nick pleasure haha