Just Another Lazy Sunday

Today is just THE perfect Sunday :) I've been lying around my dorm room, reading Nicholas Sparks' the Last Song, watching Audrey in Funny Face, studying for an Art History Exam, listening to Anita O'Day, Ella, and Billie, flippin through April's Vogue, sippin coffee, and enjoying a warm breeze flowing from my window! Of course not all at the same time lol. But you get my drift, it's been a great relaxing day so far, and its only 1:00. It's been a great start to a week that I know is gonna be a little hectic, but I'm ready for it, bring it! There's only 3 more weeks left til my freshman year in college is over... CRAZY! It went by SO fast... I never would've guessed that it would happen so fast. I thank God for staying with me every step of the way!!

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