Underneath the Stars...

So I had an awesome night! It was "Senior Send Off", a night of music and good food in honor of the seniors here. Anyways, it was the PERFECT weather, 75 degrees (mind you it was from 9-11pm), a slight breeze, some of the trees were laced with tiny white lights, and my roommate even saw a shooting star, sadly i missed it! dang! lol and the best folksy music from our very own wonderfully talented students :) It was like our own little version of a coachella festival! I was barefoot in the grass, and so stress free because today was my LAST day of classes!!! All I have left are my finals and then I'm done with my freshman year... its crazy! If every year goes by as fast as this year... well goodness! I didn't t get to take pictures tonight... but if I would have, they would've been similar to these, except that it was darker outside lol:

pics from weheartit.com

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