Tim Burton is a Genius!

Ugh! I love Tim Burton's original art work SOOO much! For the longest time I never even knew he was sketched all of the original concepts for his movies! He's so imaginative, and every single movie that he's done I can't help but love! My fav is Edward Scissorhands, what's yurs?

all pics from Timburton.com


the cat whisperer said...

Edward Scissorhands too, easily. I could start from the beginning or five minutes from the end, watch it twenty times in a row, and still never get tired of it. I pretty much ALWAYS want to watch it! :) How fun would it be to have an ES wild hair party?!

Patience said...

omg i feel that exact same way lol... i'm pretty sure i watch it at least twice a month... sometimes more. Or I'll fastfoward it to the ice scene lol... i LOVE that movie... anyways YES! An Edward Scissorhands wild hair party would be EPIC, and very very memorable lol