Another edition of Twisted Tuesdays!
So i really don' t have much this time because this week has been a complete WHIRLWIND! And it's only tuesday! I've got four quizzes, two exams, 2 papers, and 2 books to finish, all in this week. its B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Here are a few things that are on my wishlist for my b-day! All are pretty expensive, so I'd only be asking for one thing from this list... most likely the zebra luggage since I travel so much :), but then again I'd really like a new guitar too!

1. lovely dress from free people
2. bamboo pen and touch pad set
3. canon sd7... i really need a smallie! lol
4. uber fun zebra luggage set!
5. a black yamaha acoustic :)
6. I still want this lovely bag from lol

O and I absolutely ADORE Kandee Johnson!!! this is my fav video of hers even though its not a make-up one which in what she normally does:


SARAH...brown said...

Love that video!
Thanks :)


Patience said...

wasn't it awesome!? :)