So I was randomly watching An Extremely Goofy Movie yesterday, yes i kno its lame. But I just love the "beret girl" character... she plays the stereotypical beatnik of the coffee shop. She spits poetic wisdom and has a funky personality... I can dig it lol. I totally wish the beatnik scene would make its way back again. Dressed in all black, philosophically in tune, well-read, and just plain cool.

I remember watching this movie when I was little thinking that this was what college was all about, looking intelligent all of the time and sipping a nice hot cup of joe. I always wanted to be the "beatnik" of my friends, reciting poetry and pondering my thoughts 24-7 lol. But now I realize that college is so much more than that lol. However, I still love my coffee and 500 page books tee hee :)
Below (and above) is the sophisticated "Beret Girl" at the hip and happenin Bean Scene, which is a cool lil coffee shop that all of the college kids hang out at in the movie :) Can you dig it? lol


Kaleigh said...

Man I've seen this movie way to many times! lol

confessions of a marc addict. said...

hahahah yes, best part of the whole movie.

Patience said...

haha i kno right!?