So I'm gonna start a new thing called "Twisted Tuesdays...", it'll just be random pics from my week! Anything from personal pics to things that are inspiring me at the moment! So here it goes :)

Me, my roomie, and a few other dorm girls took a lovely road trip to cinni this weekend :)

I want a room like this... well my room is just like this at home lol... except there is no wood floor in my room. My friends are always like why don't you have a bed Pay? Why are you sleeping on a mattress? and I'm just like... cuz i'm cool like that lol.

O and I want this bag :) Its super roomy... and its a tad girly while still having a lil edge... I really like leopard print :)

And I just bought this Urban Decay, Alice in Wonderland makeup kit. LOVE IT!
And I've been listening to Johnny all week.. He always makes my day a little more exciting!

And last but not least... I sketched a tres chic gal because I was super bored today, and because sketching is super therapeutic.
and thats all for my first run of Twisted Tuesdays!